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About Us

Integrated Data Services (IDS) is the backbone to patient driven portals. Aggregating all sources of health information, IDS provides a one-stop location that provides patients access to all of their health information quickly and efficiently. Integrated Data Services is a privately held company incorporated in Delaware.

IDS’ team has its roots in the medical data collection world. Providing services in this industry for over 25 years, IDS has evolved with the technology available to the industry to deliver services that ultimately benefit the consumer. IDS’ services for consumer oriented solutions is the result of many years of hard work toward one simple goal -accelerating the delivery of health information to the rightful owners of the data – the patient! IDS is an extremely powerful and HIPAA compliant resource for patient driven medical data aggregation.
Our constantly audited system ensures the strictest privacy and security policies. All data is kept confidential and can only be seen by the end user and or authorized shared third parties. To learn more about our approach to security and privacy please visit our Privacy Policy.
IDS has on staff state licensed medical doctors and advisors to assist user with any questions you may have.

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What We Do

IntegratedDataServices.co is a patient/end user powered system that allows simple data aggregation. IDS is most typlically used by EMR/PHR solution providers o help patients get a holistic view of their medical data. IDS powers the patient to collect data from multiple data sources. Sources may include doctors offices, IE’s, RIO’s, EMR Vendors as well as individual non verified collected shared data such as FitBit etc. If you are an end


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